Taking influence from the sights and sounds of the jazz clubs and juke joints of mid-century down-town anywhere, the Jordan C. Thomas band’s traditional yet original music, combined with sartorial suave, give the band a familiar yet altogether unique gravitas, putting them in a different class from any ‘paint-by-numbers’ retro charade.

       The band has six members, and consists of double bass, guitar, drums, baritone saxophone, tenor saxophone and trumpet. When not performing their own material, the band also work through a range of artists such as Cole Porter, Hoagy Charmichael, Slim Gaillard, Frank Sinatra and Kate Bush (yes, you read that right). The Jordan C. Thomas Band have no trouble pumping out a powerful and dynamic sound that will invariably bring even the most stolid of audience members up off their seats and onto the dance floor.

       The band has a noteworthy list of achievements, playing with such luminaries as Royal Crown Revue, Imelda May, Pink Martini, the Cherry Poppin’ Daddies, Mojo Juju, Brian Setzer, Deke Dickerson, Monica Trapaga, Area 7, the Louisville Sluggers, Lee Rocker, as well as many others.

       You will find Jordan in his element slaving over an old 50’s Gibson jazz box alongside three horns, double bass and drums. The band’s sound is dynamic and combines many traditional elements and genres, to conjure up a timeless catalogue of sounds with original material seemingly reminiscent of a lost world.

       So, if you feel like treating your ears to music that is hand made, not manufactured by the major labels, something that is fresh yet traditional and authentic, then you have found it here. This is something else; It’s cool, it’s old school and it’s coming soon to a venue near you!